Hitomiru is a pupil diameter measurement instrument. It is portable and measures both right and left eye at the same time. It is used in reseach fields and hospitals.

Software "Pupil Scanner"

Explanation of pupil scanner

1 Status Shows application status
2 Preview Shows picture of camera view
3 Pupil ring Shows border of pupil
4 Result Shows pupil diameter in mm
5 Graph Show graph time vs pupil diameter in percentage
6 Exposure time Shows the time during the light is exposed
7 Preview line Shows the playback position of the preview picture
8 PLAY Start and stop the measurement
9 CANCEL Stop the measurement
10 FILE Choose the recorded data for loading
11 EXIT Exit the software
12 Setting Change the operating setting
13 Rec. time Shows the playback position
14 Peak size Show the minimum pupil diameter
15 Pupil shrinking percentage Shows pupil shrinking percentage

Picture of Hitomiru 003

Explanation of Main body

1 Pupil diameter of right eye Shows right pupil diameter in mm
2 Pupil diameter of left eye Shows left pupil diameter in mm

Main specification

Measurement Output: Video of pupils during measurement, Maximum pupil diameter, Minimum pupil diameter, Pupil diameter of each frames during measurement
Power supply 6V (4 AA Batteries)
Dimension Width: 6.5 in, Length: 4.8 in, Height: 2.7 in
Weight 477 g (without battery)
Lighting Infra-red (860 nm)
Stimulus light White light
Redcording resolution 640 × 480
Video 20fps

Operating environment and Specification

Computer OS: More than Windows 7
Main Memory: More than 1GB
Display: More than 1280×768
USB interface: USB 3.0


1.Pupil measuring instrument

2.4 AA Batteries

3.Hitomiru software