Private policy

Uratani Shoji Co. (below "we") recognizes the importance of the personal information (the name, the address, date of birth, the telephone number and the other peculiar information) and makes an effort toward appropriate handling and protection based on the following guideline.
We'll assume that a customer agreed to our private policy in case of use in our website (below "our site").

About collection of personal information

Personal information is collected to continue offering better service on the occasion of use of our site.
The reach of the collected personal information is made the necessary minimum to achieve the objective of collection and we follow the regulation of law.

About management of personal information and protection

We manage personal information of the users who collected and prevent loss, destruction, garble, hacking and a leak.
The other users can not read personal information by access to our site.

About use of personal information

We'll use personal information of the users for the following reasons.
 • Question from a customer and correspondence to your request
 • Order from a customer
 • Execution of the obligation based on agreement with a customer
 • Solution of the goods offered to a customer and a prevention of problem about service
 • Matches with customer's needs and development of service
 • To provide service and information on goods to a customer accurately.
 • For the status proof when a customer uses service
 • To improve the site.
 • To develop new services.
 • To contact customers when necessary.

Prohibit to provide or disclose personal information to a third person

We'll manage the personal information appropriately and prohibit providing personal information to a third person except for the case below.
 • The customer agree to provide information
 • For providing service to the customers, we may need to provide information to companies who help the service
 • When it's necessary to disclose because of a law/regulation.


We are not responsible for use of the personal information collected originally by a site and service, etc. of the third person who can access through our site.
We don't carry obligation and responsibility about these.

Obeying and reconsideration of a law and a norm

We follow the Japanese law for possessing personal information as well as reconsidering the contents of this policy accordingly, and we make an effort toward the improvement.


Please inform us questions about our private policy and handling of personal information through the mail form.
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