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What is a mold component "date stamp" ?

Date stamp is an injection mold component used for traceability of plastic items such as automotive parts, plastic toys etc... It is a cylinder shape metal and composed of an outer ring and an inner arrow. The inner arrow can turn to indicate different positions of a character on the outer ring. The mark of a date stamp looks like a clock with characters to show such as manufactured date, lot numbers and types of plastic material etc... Date stamps mark during injection process so it is an easy and cheap way to directly mark on plastic products.
Uratani Shoji co., ltd. has been manufacturing a variety of high quality date stamps for more than 30 years.

How date stamp is marked?

Date stamp is inserted in an injection metal mold and marks during injection process. Indication of the mark can be changed by turning the inner arrow with a screw driver.

What are applications of a date stamp?

Manufactured date

Manufactured date is marked for traceability control of a product.

Lot number

Lot number is marked to indicate different production line, manufactured country and color of the products etc..

Material types

Material type is marked when different material is used with the same mold.

Examples of application of date stamps are automotive parts,
plastic commodities (e.g. plastic cups), rubber products (e.g. tire)

What function is required?

Quality of date stamp is necessary to keep production line without stopping. We introduce four important factors you need to know. Uratani have been manufacturing a high quality date stamps to achieve those functions.

The inner arrow must be turnable for a long period of time.

Oil (e.g. lubricant) may flow into the date stamp and make it harder to turn.

The inner arrow doesn’t come off on their own

The huge problem occurs if the inner arrow come off during the injection process.


The inner arrow with year displayed needs to be exchanged every year.

The arrow points without moving

The inner arrow need to points directly to each characters without rotating during an injection process.

Product line

We have 5 different date stamps depending on its function. Please see below to find the date stamp you would like to use.

●Where would you like to use?

Injection mold

Press mold

●How many rings?

Single ring

Double ring

●Which side of mold would you take out the inner arrow?

Parting line of the mold

Plate side of the mold

●Which side of mold would you take out the outer ring?

Parting line of the mold

Plate side of the mold

Display How to insert How to replace
OP type, W type
UL type
SD type
Multi-data type

Special order date stamp (minimum ordering quantity; 1)

Length, display mark, depth of engraving are able to change depending on customer`s request.

How to maintain?

When a date stamp is hard to turn, please clean inside by a mold cleaner.

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